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TBN wants to publish "Ready or Not"?!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Two years ago, I started writing and posting about a book about marriage on Instagram and I told you that it would be released in 2022. Remember this post?

Whew, chile …2022 has come and gone has it not?

I started sharing content about Ready or Not immediately because I knew I wanted to document the process, but it’s been a much longer process than I could have ever expected.

I was pregnant in 2021, but for some reason, I thought publishing this book would be just as quick and easy as all the others. In fact, two more books have been released since that announcement.

Contrary to my expectation, the process has been longer..

more thorough..

more intimate..

and more demanding of my vulnerability.

After a while, I realized that what I would be giving to all of you and everyone who would read Ready or Not are elements of my shame. It would be about more than just my marriage, but also my humanity, my flaw, and my need. It’s far from a body of work that offers you rules to live by to make him put a ring on it or "how to be a good wife."

With that being said, I wanted to make sure that this one was done right.

I wanted to make sure the story that I told accurately represented my husband and our beautifully unique story. I wanted to make sure I honored God well and that no part of it lacked as a result of my exhaustion with the process.

I don’t know if Jesus’ disciples needed editors, but I realized that I do!

When I think TBN, I think of the year 1999, T.D. Jakes, Joel Olsteen, and Christian celebrities that I’ll never ever meet. Now, however, TBN has Trilogy Publishing Company. TPC is not exactly the same as TBN but when I got the email, this is what I saw:

Here we are, two years later from finalizing the first manuscript and I seem to have the opportunity to put a team on this very precious work!

I am still in a bit of disbelief, but I am more motivated than I am shocked.

I just wanted to see if you were still with me! It’s been a while, I know.

Are you still with me?

If you are, leave your thoughts in the comments. Also, let's grow the tribe! Share the graphic below to your stories, socials, and directly to your people.

I promise to keep you updated on the journey this time right here on this blog. I anticipate that there will be as many plot twists in this process as are in the book itself. A decision has to be made this week… I will let you know how that goes.

Newlyweds, waiting to be engaged, married and struggling, married and thriving, or just curious…. This one is for you!

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