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Spiritual Counseling offers support to individuals seeking relief from soul-related issues. Diverging from certain psychotherapeutic methods, it centers on enhancing spiritual well-being, leading to breakthroughs on emotional and mental fronts. Sessions involve examining and validating personal realities, conflicts, and belief systems.

Employing a trauma-informed approach, spiritual counselors revisit the core tenets of the Christian faith. They work to dismantle spiritual hardships, fostering the development of new thought patterns that pave the way for an abundant and well-balanced life.

The Safe and Sound training manual for Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention seamlessly intertwines trauma, deliverance ministry, and holistic care, ensuring adherence to lawful spiritual practices.

Powerful intervention for people who:

  • Feel stuck in the healing journey after exploring other forms of counseling or therapy

  • Feel compelled to deconstruct their understanding of the Christian faith

  • Have conflicts with their faith and need to resolve and move forward with an understanding

  • Seek to understand biblical principles and their relevance to mental health

  • Desire to unpack elements of the past and uncover roots to present challenges

  • Want to develop new schemas or thought patterns regarding daily living and faith

  • Be interested in learning about and receiving Deliverance

Spiritual Counseling is offered bi-weekly for Premium Members with Flamingo Trauma Recovery.


Premium Membership also includes:

  • Annual Therapy Voucher

  • Therapist Led Sessions (Semi-Monthly)

  • Self Care Kit (Bi-Monthly)

  • Basics Included (Trauma-Informed God Hardcopy)

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