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- Feel stuck in the healing journey after exploring other forms of counseling or therapy

- Feel compelled to deconstruct their understanding of the Christian faith

- Have conflicts with their faith and need to resolve and move forward with understanding

- Seek to understand biblical principles and their relevance to mental health

- Desire to unpack elements of the past and uncover roots to present challenges

- Want to develop new schemas or thought patterns regarding daily living and faith

- Be interested in learning about and receiving Deliverance

My service to every client is to ensure that they are receiving adequate care. I encourage every client to seek clinical mental health services provided by a licensed clinician. 

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Conscious Coore, BA Psychology, MAT

Author, Heartsick: Connecting the Dots Between 

Hope, Disappointment and Healing


As the Founder/CEO of Flamingo Trauma Recovery, I have the pleasure of working with highly trained clinical therapists nationwide. Flamingo is a New York-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides mental health education and therapy access to marginalized communities and members of the Christian faith. 


Spiritual Counseling provides support to individuals who are seeking relief from the issues of the soul. Unlike some forms of psychotherapy, my service is to focus primarily on spiritual health that lends itself to emotional and mental breakthrough. Sessions are guided by analyzing and validating personal realities, conflicts and belief systems. Through the art of listening and asking questions, I help individuals who grapple with the human experience to increase in self-awareness and practice self-acceptance.

With high regard for honest reflection and complete freedom of expression, we confront the hard questions, visit fundamental doctrine of Christian faith, overthrow powers of spiritual hardship and create new thought patterns to access an abundant life of wellness.

There are many ways to engage healing, but the process is always the same: taking it one step at a time.

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Trauma Informed God: 7-Day devotional begins with a brief history of trauma and the origin of trauma-informed principles as a launchpad to understanding the landmine of triggers that can disturb the healing process. Each day covers one of seven principles of trauma-informed care and reveals God as the Great Physician, with great compassion for the wounded. Read, journal, and pray for the next several days as you meditate on scriptures that demonstrate the Lord's approach to healing and how to receive it through relationship and prayer.

Category: Mental Health, Spirituality
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Offering readers an opportunity to heal in the privacy of a book and with the outlet of journaling, Heartsick pulls back the curtain to acknowledge the ugly truth about loss, disappointment, grief. 

This book offers the linchpin for discussions about mental illness within communities of faith and supports with transitions into counseling and therapy.

Recommendation: Read this book with the support of a partner or a community! Join or host a book club when you visit

Category: Mental Health, Spirituality

Reader Reviews

"Heartsick made me feel seen and heard in a way I didn't know a book could changing and is an aid no matter where you are in your healing journey or your walk with God. "

- Mckenzie B.

Chaos Turned Kairos Cover (1).jpg
Great for young adults who are transitioning through relationships and decision making. Life can feel quite chaotic for anyone. Everything may be up in the air and out of sorts, but even the most chaotic circumstances can work out for your benefit. 

Chaos Turned Kairos provides new perspective on chaotic seasons in the life of a believer.
Category: Religious, Spiritual Growth

Reader Reviews

"As I am drinking in the truths of this book my heart is being realigned to the truth of the Spirit of God. When Conscious wrote this book God had me in mind. It is causing me to see the error of my ways , while being reintroduced to my loving Father.😢 I was trying to figure out the next chapter of my life instead of seeking Him to lead me on this journey. Thank you Conscious."

- Solomon's Daughter

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