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Fundamentals of TISI

Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention™ program is a self-paced training that provides a solution to abuse of power within churches and a framework for clinical spaces that desire to address mental health needs with the intersection of faith. It offers hands-on training and deeper insights into the fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention as a practice. Certifications are issued 3 times a year.

Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention textbook is included in enrollment and will allow you to understand the basic principles of Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention and begin exploring how to repair harm within your expression of ministry. Available October 12, 2024

Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention


Increase impact. Reduce harm.

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Mission and Remarks
Together, we curate relevant spaces for mental and spiritual health through empowering and spiritually safe therapy environments. We also provide training, education, and frameworks to help leaders to support individuals with faith construction, deconstruction, religious trauma, and healing through a trauma-informed approach.
Conscious Coore Not Another Single's Conference

Leaders will be able to:

  • Assess and determine the needs of your organization

  • Foster connection and alignment across teams and stakeholders

  • Implement systems that promote and support positive and productive culture 

  • Train and prepare your teams for a trauma-informed standard of care

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Meet Conscious.

About Conscious

Conscious Coore is a wife, mom, licensed educator, and deliverance minister. Conscious works with individuals to help reconcile breaches in their belief systems through mental health education, services and faith construction. Her work also extends to systems and culture that impact how people understand mental health faith and Christian Spirituality.


She pioneers the vocational training and certification program Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention™, preparing therapists, ministers, and professionals in all lines of work to integrate faith into their practice seamlessly. Trauma-Informed Intervention™ equips leaders and professionals with groundbreaking principles and frameworks to create and hold space for varying belief systems with strategy, confidence, and compassion.


Conscious’ work is founded on the belief that education through teaching and counseling is a critical part of liberation. Her nonprofit organization Flamingo Trauma Recovery serves to provide access to education, counseling, and therapy at affordable costs to all of its members.

Curated spaces are designed to serve individuals who:

  • Feel stuck in the healing journey 

  • Feel compelled to deconstruct their understanding of the Christian faith

  • Seek to understand biblical principles and their relevance to mental health

  • Desire to unpack elements of the past and uncover roots to present challenges

Conscious is an excellent speaker and teacher, given how she's able to rightly divide the Word of God. I’ve appreciated her support in breaking down scripture and encouraging people to keep the Lord first in all they do.

Christyna, New York

Change your world.
Change the world.

Mental Health

Start a mental health journey that promotes, faith, community and learning.


Encounter God and gain clarity through trauma-informed spiritual intervention.


Become trained and certified in Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention for your work.


Invite me to speak to your church or organization about taboo topics in mental health

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