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Flamingo Trauma Recovery, Founder

Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention, Founder 

Licensed Educator 


We consult and train communities that seek to establish a culture that promotes holistic health, reduces religious harm and supports Gospel-centered living. 

We support victims of religious trauma through recovery spaces, organizational policymaking, and accessing mental health care. 

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Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention™ enables practitioners to deliver holistic care in accordance with Biblical principles, avoiding harm or re-traumatization associated with religious trauma and various doctrines.

Conscious Coore is a skilled educator and deliverance minister, operating at the nexus of mental health and faith. Her approach is grounded in the conviction that education, delivered through teaching and counseling, plays a pivotal role in liberation, offering access to freedom and empowerment for the oppressed.

Through her nonprofit organization and instructional efforts, Conscious Coore seamlessly integrates the transformative forces of education, counseling, and miracles, empowering professionals, learners, and those who have been marginalized.


Learn more about Jesus and the intersection of mental health and faith. Low-cost. No Risk. 100% safe strategy to test the waters until you find your therapist.

Download the free interactive brochure here.


Empower yourself as a self-directed professional by initiating the cognitive integration of faith and spiritual intervention with the help of the Safe and Sound Workbook.


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For those who desire hands-on training and deeper insights, Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention™ is a self-paced program that begins January 13, 2024*.


Certifications are issued 3 times a year.

You can plan to be certified by:

June 1, 2024
September 1, 2024
December 31, 2024

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